Datavideo TP-600 Tablet Prompter - £45/DAY OR £160/WEEK

Datavideo TP-600 Tablet Prompter - £45/DAY OR £160/WEEK


(For larger cameras) The Datavideo Prompter Kit TP-600 can be used in either a theatre setting, or a video studio. Prepared scripts or cue sheets can be easily copied and pasted into the DV prompter app software from email and scrolled at a set automatic rate or controlled by a user with the optional wired/wireless WR-500 remote for a more natural result. A number of clear fonts, colours and text sizes are available making reading comfortable from a variety of distances.

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1x Remote control

1x ENG Prompter Rail

1x Adjustable Tablet Bracket

1x Rail with spacer for Tablet Bracket

1x 60/40 Glass Sheet

1x Glass Frame

1x Snood with wire support

Various Camera screws and Thumbscrews