Hocus Axis-1 wireless follow focus Hire - £100/Day or £375/Week

Hocus Axis-1 wireless follow focus Hire - £100/Day or £375/Week


The Axis1 is a simple but full featured single channel professional remote focus system, designed for the high end professional. Built to be simple, easy and robust, it can handle any lens, including the stiffest freezing cold cine zooms, and can even be manually set to work on cheaper stopless DSLR lenses. Supplied with 3 x batteries, charger, D-tap power cable and flexible gear ring.

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Hocus Products HPM-1 Motor Unit, Hocus Products Axis1 RX Receiver Unit, Hocus Products Axis1 TX Hand Unit, Lanyard, Flexible Gear Ring, Hocus F/F Instruction Manual, F/F White Marker Ring, Hocus Products HPM-1 Hub Screw, Hocus Products 0.8 Mod Gear, Hocus Products 15mm Rod Clamp, 2 x Hocus Products Antenna, Hocus Products Motor Cable, Hocus Products Power Cable (D-Tap), China Marker, 3 x Canon LP-E6 Battery, Canon LC-E6E Battery Charger, Pelicase, Fig 8 Mains Cable