Camera Operators 

Nick Daw | Riverside Films Ltd
07875 059448

I have years of expertise in lighting and shooting on all formats from 35mm film to RED, Arri, Sony and Canon cameras. I have experience in shooting commercials, drama, documentary and corporate film, from social media to cinema. Working in studios and on location.

Anneka Saunders
07917 440776

I am a London based Lighting/camera operator. Having trained at two reputable facility houses in London I have more than 8 years experience. Like most camera crew I have worked in many different situations and various locations, in London and the around the world.I also have a passion for photography and Travelling.


Oliver Watts
07749 981180

Cinematographer, camera operator and gimbal operator. Experienced in branded content, commercial, and documentary. Confident using Alexa, Canon and Sony Cameras. 

George Featherby |
07973 326720

Cameraman / DOP with over 16 years professional experience shooting for global brands and international broadcasters. Experienced shooting on all cameras and formats, in studios or on location. Based in Surbiton with clean driver’s license and PLI.


Matthew Hopper

Camera operator and self shooting director. Experience with many types of camera. Skilled in all areas of video production. 8 years experience in branded content, promos, interviews, corporate/commercial and narrative. 

Tom Hooker
07944 891654 

Lighting cameraman with 12 years’ experience in broadcast, commercial and corporate. I have worked in many locations world-wide ranging from Antarctica to the Amazon rainforest and a few studios in between!


James Kinsman
07525 166851

A professional camera operator and video editor based in London with 10 years’ experience.

Andrew Alderslade

Camera Operator and Cinematographer, skilled in lighting for drama, product/pack-shots, promos and interviews in both studios and locations. Trained in Steadicam and Gear/Wheel-Heads. Clean drivers license, 13 years experience. 


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