Philip Bloom Pocket 41.5" Dolly Hire - £35/Day or £125/Week

Philip Bloom Pocket 41.5" Dolly Hire - £35/Day or £125/Week


Available in two sizes, Traveller 29.5” or Standard 41.5”. Lightweight slider, ideal for DSLR’s and smaller cameras. Includes drag control for more precise movement. Can be mounted on tripods or free standing on its own feet.Fluid head and tripod kit not supplied as standard, please ask if required.

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41.5" STANDARD version. The Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly is a lightweight slider for cameras under 15 pounds. The Bloom Pocket Dolly is a hybrid system that combines the rail and cart system from the Standard Kessler Pocket Dolly and the adjust arc diameter handle and drag control of the CineSlider

NB. Supplied without tripod head or legs - please let us know if you need to hire a tripod as well.