Sony HVR-Z7E Complete Shooting Kit Hire - £75/Day or £295/Week

Sony HVR-Z7E Complete Shooting Kit Hire - £75/Day or £295/Week


HDV / DVCAM / DV camcorder with three 1/3" CMOS sensors. Records to MiniDV tape or CF card using supplied HVR-MRC1 unit.


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All our Z7 cameras come with case, 3 x batteries, charger, mains power supply, headphones and all necessary cables.

1x Zeiss VCL-412BWH Lens

1x Sony ECM-XM1 Mic

3x Swit S-8970 Battery

1x Sony DK-415 Power Adaptor

1x Sony Instruct Manual

1x Fig 8 Mains Cable

1x HDMI Cable

1x A/V Cable

1x Component Cable

1x Firewire 6-8 Pin

1x Firewire 6-6 Pin

1x Sony 8GB CF Card

1x Sony HVRA-CR1

1x Sony HVR-MRC1

1x Sony MDR-V150 Headset

1x Sony RMT-831 Remote Control

1x Sony Battery charger

1x Tripod


The Sony Z7 is a very portable and versatile unit, capable of shooting in HDV, DVCAM, or DV formats.
HDV / DVCAM / DV camcorder with three 1/3" CMOS sensors, true 1080/25p mode, interchangeable Carl Zeiss lens (1/3-inch bayonet mount). Comes with attachable CompactFlash recording unit (HVR-MRC1) - will record HDV 1080i/DVCAM/DV to CF card while camera simultaneously records to tape. 

The HVR-Z7E is the world's first HDV handheld camcorder with an interchangeable lens system, native progressive recording, and solid-state memory recording.A variety of video lenses can be attached to the HVR-Z7E, which is equipped with a universal standard 1/3-inch bayonet mount mechanism for the quick changing of lenses.

Added to this a streamlined nonlinear editing workflow can be achieved using the supplied memory-recording unit, which provides HDV/DVCAM/DV file recording on a standard CompactFlash® solid-state memory card. This offers customers varying levels of flexibility and hybrid operation which is becoming an important requirement in video production.

The HVR-Z7E also features 25p HDV native progressive recording mode and HDMI output.

Interchangeable Lens System
This camcorder is fitted with a new 1/3inch interchangeable lens system allowing customers either to use the supplied Carl Zeiss lens or use a whole range of other lenses available on the market.
* This is the first compact camcorder to offer interchangeable lens options.
* Flexible usage - the camera can be used for a myriad of different applications using different lenses, from TV work, through to budget movie making and with the use of still's lenses, wildlife videography.
* The supplied lens features professional operation with a new manual focus ring and zoom and iris rings.

1/3inch ClearVid CMOS Processor
Newly developed 1/3inch x 3 ClearVid CMOS processor offers high resolution, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and excellent colour reproduction.
* Offers greater resolution than existing pixel-shift technologies regardless of the balance between colour elements.
* Offers great low-light capabilities especially important for camera operators who cannot control their ambient lighting., e.g. wedding videographers.
* Lower power consumption than traditional CCD's.
* 'Exmor' technology employed in the the new CMOS processor reduces noise in the A/D process.

Selectable 25p Progressive Modes
The HVR-Z7E offers the ability to choose between a 25p scanning mode (sames as HVR-V1E) but also a 25p 'native' recording mode. In this native recording mode the picture is both scanned and recorded as a progressive image.
* Further improves the progressive reproduction by both scanning and recording progressively.
* Provides further flexibility of use. e.g. The camera can be used for a variety of applications from budget-movie making in 25p mode to standard interlace TV productions.
* Offers camera operators the use of the progressive 'filmic look', coupled with gamma curve correction makes the camera ideal for movie production.