ATOMOS Shogun 4K Hire - £65/Day or £240/Week

ATOMOS Shogun 4K Hire - £65/Day or £240/Week


1920 x 1200 resolution display with 4K video recording and edit-ready codecs. 4K HDMI and 12G-SDI inputs to record clean output signals at resolutions up to UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30p, as well as Full HD (1920 x 1080) video up to 120 fps when used with capable cameras. Supplied with 2 x 480GB SSD, batteries and charger.

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4 x Atomos Battery, Atomos Case, BNC Cable, 2 x Atomos Battery Charger, Atomos DS1201000W AC Adapter, Atomos Car Charger, Atomos BX0903000 AC/DC Adaptor, Atomos 1x 2.5mm M - 2x 2.5mm F cable, Atomos Lemo - XLR cable, Atomos D-Tap Battery Adaptor, 2 x Atomos UK Plug Adaptor, Manfrotto 492LCD Ball-Head w/HotShoe, 4 x Atomos Shogun Drive Caddy w/4x Screws, 2 x SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD, Atomos USB 3 Docking Station, *HDMI Cables upon request


Shogun preserves the pristine uncompressed video quality from your camera’s sensor by directly encoding it into Apple ProRes. It records to HDD/SSD using the exFAT file system making it instantly compatible with your NLE timeline. The Shogun’s revolutionary ‘Sensor-to-NLE’ workflow is the fastest and best quality available today! With the plummeting price of hard disk storage, the 2½” disks used by the Shogun ar every cheap; the cost of storage is no longer an issue. Buying a disk for the Shogun is just like buying a tape – except that with a disk you will have instant “non-linear” access to your video.

The Shogun’s one-touch IPS ‘SuperAtom’ screen interface is intuitive and simple touse. There are no complicated menus or difficult to find functions – everything you need is instantly accessible from the home screen

All those 4K mirrorless and DSLR's on the market just got that much more versatile with the ability to record 4K direct out over HDMI to hte Shogun. Record 4K (3840x2160) progressive 24, 25, and 30

422 10-BIT
Certified by Apple and Avid Atomos's unbeaten implementation of the Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD 422 10-BIT recording formats continues with the Showgun guarenteeing accuracy of detail and depth of colour to bring your video projects to life.

7" ips SuperAtom
Spectacular 7-inch 1920x1200 325ppi SuperAtom IPS capacitive touchscreen. Fully calibratable for colours you can trust. This screen will truly amaze you.

Atomos offer a comrehensive tool set that any test engineer would be proud of.. a full waveform monitor, RGB parade display, luma overlay, vectorscope with zoom and test pattern generator for signal calibration. You get focus peaking with multiple levels and colours for ease of use.

2x Raided hard disk drives or solid state drives for faster more reliable write speeds to manage extra long 4K record times. A 2TB raided drive will give you 2+ hours of continuous 4K recording.

XLR Audio
A pro monitor requires pro audio, Atomos's breakout cable offers full balanced XLR, line/mic and phantom power input as well as 2 channel balanced output. With on-screen audio monitoring you gain superb control over the recording of multiple audio channels, 8 digital and 2 analogue.

Start/Stop Trigger
Trigger record start/stop and record timecode straight from the camera with Atomos's proprietary HDMI timecode and trigger protocols from Sony, Canon and many others. Over SDI we have the complete set with no protocol left unsupported. Atomos also include file naming, for automatic backup and version control of your footage.

Sending 4K over SDI to the Shogun from the camera is no easy task, Atomos have implemented 12G SDI on the Shogun to handle the huge 4K data rate with ease leaving you with seamless 4K recordings with no dropped frames.

Record up to 120 frames per second in full HD (1920x1080) for those fantastic slow motion shots.

With a calibrated monitor the most important aspect of ensuring you capture the exact look, feel and colour emotion is with the ability to apply standard or custom 3D LUT's. The Shogun provides complete customisation and flexibility to ensure you always get what you want when it matters - at the time you shoot

Calibrated to SMPTE Rec.709 with 100% gamut and D65 white point out of the box for colours you can trust. With full customisation as well as standard Canon C-log calibration enabled, you'll never look at that washed out image and make setup mistakes again. 

Small, Lightweight, and highly reliable with fast read/write speeds - Compact Flash, otherwise known as CFast, is a convenient recording media for the Showgun for quick/short shoots. SATA t5o CFast adaptor required.

Create FCPX XML projects on the fly so you are ready to edit straight away. favorite/Reject flags in the meta-data allow for quick parsing of your footage directly into FCPX or Adobe Premiere.

Lock to an external Genlock referance signal to synchronize the Shoguns SDI playout. A must need for multiple camera shoots in a studio enviroment.

Synchronize with the cameras time code over our prorietary time code protocol. Record Run, free Run, Time-Of-Day time codes are available on the Shogun for independent external recording.