Genus GCSMK DSLR Shoulder Mount Hire - £25/Day or £75/Week

Genus GCSMK DSLR Shoulder Mount Hire - £25/Day or £75/Week


Supplied with 15mm DSLR rod riser system, off-set bracket, shoulder pad, counter weight and hand grips.

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2x Genus GCSMK Handle

1x Genus GCSMK Handle Rod

1x Genus GCSMK Weight

2x Genus GCSMK 12" Rod

2x Genus GCSMK 14" Rod

1x Genus GCSMK DSLR C-Mount

1x Genus Shoulder Mount

1x Genus GCSMK Offset Bracket


Featuring comfortable non-slip handles and parts that can be flipped to suit different cameras and camcorders, the GCSMK sits snugly on your shoulder to give you more control on your shoot. Counter-weight ensures camera is perfectly balanced and stable.