Rhino Arc Hire - £15/Day or £60/Week

Rhino Arc Hire - £15/Day or £60/Week


Create beautiful panning, arcing or sweeping shots when combined with the Rhino Motorised Studio Slider Bundle. Supports cameras up to 4.5Kg.

Nb. Photos for demonstration only - Rhino Slider is not included.

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1x Rhino Arc Connection Cable

1x Rhino Arc Wrench

1x USB Adapter Plug

1x Rhino Arc Manual

1x USB Cable

Hire the Rhino Motorised Studio Slider Bundle for £75/Day or £275/Week
Works with Rhino slider to create panning, arcing, or sweeping shots at travel speeds of up to 8 inches per second. Uses an internal motor and rechargeable battery to pan your camera a full 360°. Can support up to 4.5kg.
Please Note: Price listed is for when hired with the Rhino Slider.