Canon EOS C300 Mark 2 Kit (EF Mount) Hire - £185/day or £700/week

Canon EOS C300 Mark 2 Kit (EF Mount) Hire - £185/day or £700/week


8.85MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor. 4K, 2K & Full HD recording. High frame rate recording up to 100fps. EF lens mount.

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1x Canon C300 Monitor Unit

1x Canon C300 Handle Unit

1x Canon C300 Grip Unit

2x Canon C300 MKII UN-5 Unit Cable

1x Canon C300 MKII Mounting Bracket

2x 15mm Bar

2x Canon BP-A60 Battery

1x Canon BP-A30 Battery

1x Canon CA-A10 AC Adapter

1x Canon CG-A10 Battery Charger

1x Canon Instruction Manual

2x Fig 8 Mains Cable

1x HDMI Cable

2x BNC Cable

2x SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB CFast Card

1x SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Reader

1x USB 3 Cable

1x Sony MDR-V150 Headset

1x Arri C300 MKII Plate w/2x Cam Srew

1x Tripod

Lens not included, see Lenses for hire.


Records 10-bit 4:2:2 files internally at up to 410Mbps in 4K, or 10/12-bit 4:4:4 files in 2K/Full HD, with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. 4K in both broadcast (3840 x 2160) and DCI cinematic (4096 x 2160) resolutions. Can record high bitrate 4K files internally to dual CFast 2.0 media, while simultaneously recording 4K RAW files to an external recorder.

A truly creative and practical 4K production tool for moviemakers and broadcasters
Durable, powerful and easy to use with automatic features, the EOS C300 Mark II offers internal capture of stunning 4K/Full HD video with a wide dynamic range, external RAW output and Canon Log2 to help realise your creative vision.

8.85MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor
An enhanced 8.85MP Super 35mm Canon CMOS sensor, designed specifically for video capture, delivers superb high-resolution images with high sensitivity, low noise and beautifully shallow depth of field.

Room to manoeuvre
For maximum freedom in post-production the built-in Canon Log2 captures the maximum range of tones, providing up to 15 stops of Dynamic Range.

Easy auto functions
Pick up and shoot. As well as extensive manual controls the EOS C300 Mark II makes life easy for the independent camera operator thanks to innovative automatic features, which let you concentrate on the action. These include Dual Pixel CMOS AF covering approx. 80% vetically and 80% horrizontally of the image display, Face Detection AF (with compatible lenses) and Auto white balance so you won't miss the shot. Autofocus has been further enhanced with the ability to select the AF speed (with compatible lenses) and AF subject tracking characteristics ensuring that focusing is more natural.

Reduced rolling shutter artefacts
Sensor readout speed is significantly improved, producing even lower rolling shutter distortion so even subjects on the move maintain their correct shape better.

High quality audio
The EOS C300 Mark II supports LPCM 24-bit/48 kHz audio for sound quality that is superior to CD. It offers 4-channel input, including a mic jack, internal monaural mic and two XLR terminals, which allow multiple sound sources to be selected and mixed to record sound with a sense of ambience.

Creative flexibility
Enjoy an extensive range of high quality creative shooting options with the highly versatile XF-AVC H.264 codec. Shoot stunning 4k video at up to 410Mbps/10-bit for easy integration into existing 4K workflows and easily select the combination of resolution and codec type that best suit your production.

Record stunning 4K images internally
Realise your creative vision. Simultaneously record stunning high bit rate 4K/UHD images to dual internal CFast 2.0 memory cards, 2K proxy files to SD card and output 4K RAW to external devices, for an efficient workflow. Utilise the abundant powers of 4K image capture in Full HD recording, with higher quality and significantly cleaner results, thanks to Oversampling HD processing.

Superb performance in any light
Shoot anywhere and capture low-noise footage in all kinds of challenging shooting scenarios thanks to a wide ISO range up to ISO 102,400 that delivers enhanced sensitivity and unrivalled low light performance. Built-in ND filters provide a possible further 10 stops of exposure control (in expansion mode) in bright light or when a wide aperture is required.

Wide choice of colour gamuts
The EOS C300 Mark II offers a variety of colour gamuts to suit your workflow and final output medium, including BT.2020, Canon Cinema Gamut and DCI-P3.

Huge range of interchangeable lenses
Expand your creative options with more than 90 of Canon's current interchangeable EF and EF Cinema lenses. Servo zoom support further increases shooting versatility.