Datavideo TP-300 Tablet Prompter Hire - £35/Day or £120/Week

Datavideo TP-300 Tablet Prompter Hire - £35/Day or £120/Week


Tablet prompter comes with Bluetooth remote controller.
Prepared scripts or cue sheets can be easily copied and pasted into the DV prompter app software (available for iOS and Android devices) and scrolled at a set automatic rate or controlled by a user with the wireless remote for a more natural result. A number of clear fonts, colours and text sizes are available making reading comfortable from a variety of distances. Tablet not included!

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Prompter Frame, Metal 3/8" - 1/4" Adapter Screw, Mounting Bracket Screw, Expandable Mounting Bracket for Tablet, Glass Frame with Velcro Straps, 2 x 1/4" Wing Nut Screws, Cloth Hood w/Sides & Velcro, 60/40 Mirror Glass, 2 x Camera Riser Block (15mm), 2 x 3mm Hex Block Screw (Long), 2 x 2.5mm Hex Block Screw (Short), Camera Riser Screw (Long), Camera Riser Screw (Short), Hood Support Wire, WR-400 Micro USB-Mini Jack Cable, 2 x Datavideo Allen Key, WR-400 Bluetooth Remote, Datavideo TP-300 Manual, WR-400 Bluetooth Remote Manual, Micro USB Cable