EyeDirect Mark 2 Hire - £95/Day or £360/Week

EyeDirect Mark 2 Hire - £95/Day or £360/Week

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Guarantees eye contact from any subject. By employing two mirrors, a 'periscope' is created to draw the subject's attention to what is reflected behind camera. EyeDirect requires no electricity. The Mark II accommodates the larger, professional cameras like a Red, Alexa or Amira with large zooms, but may be configured to handle DSLRs as well. Users may attach their iPads and convert the Mark II, to an AutoCue/TelePrompter. The EyeDirect allows interviewer to be on either side of the camera.

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EyeDirect Removable Edison Mirror, EyeDirect Tie Down Screw w/Washer, 4 x EyeDirect Sled Screw, EyeDirect Elastic Cord, EyeDirect Beam Splitter Mirror, EyeDirect Wing Section, 4 x EyeDirect Wing Screws, EyeDirect Baseplate, EyeDirect Baseplate Sled, EyeDirect L Bracket w/3x Screws & Washers, 2 x EyeDirect L Bracket Thumb Screw, EyeDirect iPad Holder, EyeDirect Rubber Donut, EyeDirect Camera Riser w/ 1/4" screw, 2 x Allen Key