Indie Dolly Systems: Universal Kit Hire - £65/Day or £200/Week

Indie Dolly Systems: Universal Kit Hire - £65/Day or £200/Week


Track & sit-on Dolly system, with 12ft of straight and 12ft of curved track.4x sections of curved track (joined together) equates to a quarter of a 20ft Diameter circle.

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4x IDS Straight Track Sections

4x IDS Curved Track Sections

1x IDS Dolly Hub

3x IDS Wheel Section

6x IDS Handscrews

3x IDS Collars

3x IDS Stops

1x IDS Push Bar (4 Sections)

1x IDS Seat Base

1x IDS Seat Riser (2 Sections)

1x IDS Seat Riser Screw Lever

4x IDS Velcro Straps

1x IDS Centre Spigot

3x IDS Plastic Spacers

10x IDS End Stops

15x IDS Joint Pins

24x IDS Standoff Supports

3x IDS Outer Arms

Works on straight track as well as curved track (without having to add any accessories) is adjustable to any trackwidth and doesn't require any tools for set up! Comes with 12ft of straight track and 12ft of curved track.