Libec JB-30U Jib Arm Hire - £70/Day or £225/Week

Libec JB-30U Jib Arm Hire - £70/Day or £225/Week


Jib arm with tripod and dolly. Max payload between 10-20Kg (dependant on arm length). Max height approx. 7ft.

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1x Libec AS-5 Monitor Arm

1x Libec UM-3 Under Mount

1x Libec Main Arm

1x Libec Fixing Handle

1x Libec Head Mount Platform

1x Libec Counter Arm

1x Libec Support Column

2x Libec Weight Fixing Nut

1x Libec Weight Shaft

1x Libec Torsion Bar

1x Libec Adjusting Weight

1x Libec Main Arm Lock Screw

2x Libec Pan Friction Knob

1x Libec Adjusting Lock Lever

1x Libec Boom Friction Knob

1x Libec 75mm Adaptor

1x Libec UM-3 Camera Hook

1x Libec DL-3 Dolly

1x Libec FT-20J Tripod Legs

1x Libec Tripod Legs Carry Case

1x Libec Counter Arm Lock Lever

1x Weight kit

*Fluid tripod head available upon request


Comes with camera undermount and weight kit. Dolly has swivel wheels and braking system (tripod head not included).

Jib Arm with Legs and DL-3 Dolly. Maximum load 10-20kg (depending on arm length adjustment). Easy reverse bowl for extreme low camera angles. Easily adjusted main arm. Lightweight and portable. Very smooth operation.  Maximum height is approx 7ft.