Sony GV-HD700E Hire - £40/Day or £150/Week

Sony GV-HD700E Hire - £40/Day or £150/Week


MiniDV video Walkman - plays and records DV SP and HDV tapes on the move. With 7" 16:9 LCD screen. Firewire in/out. Analogue in/out. HDMI out. Mains or InfoLITHIUM L and M series battery (optional) operation.

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ABC Products AC power Supply, Sony Instruct Manual (CD), Fig 8 Mains Cable, HDMI Cable, S-Video Cable, A/V Cable, Component Cable, Firewire 4-6 Pin, Firewire 4-8 Pin, USB Cable, Sony RMT-843 Remote Control, *Additional cables available upon request