Sony J-30SDI Hire - £80/Day or £310/Week

Sony J-30SDI Hire - £80/Day or £310/Week


Compact video player with analogue, FireWire (i-link) and SDI outputs.
Can replay DigiBeta, Betacam SX, Betacam SP and Betacam tapes - ideal for transferring the above formats to your computer via FireWire. PLAYBACK ONLY - DOES NOT RECORD.

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Sony Instruct Manual, Sony Head Cleaner, Pelicase 1600 Case, Pelicase, IEC Mains Lead, 5 x BNC-BNC Cable, S-Video Cable, Firewire 4-6 Pin, Firewire 6-6 Pin, 3 x Phono - Phono Cable, 9 Pin Remote Cable, 2 x XLR-XLR Cable (Short), Firewire 6-8 Pin, *Additional cables available upon request


625/525 switchable for international use
The J-30/SDI can playback tapes recorded either in 625 or 525 line standards. Signal output is the same line standard as the tape (i.e. no standards conversion is performed).

Choice of outputs
The J-30/SDI video outputs are SDI, i.Link, analogue composite and S-VHS. Audio output is analogue or via the i.Link or SDI interfaces.

Playback of Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP and Betacam tapes
During cassette loading the tape format is identified automatically.

Playback of large or small Betacam cassettes
The J-30/SDI can replay both small and large cassettes. This provides a replay time of over 3 hours from Betacam SX and MPEG IMX tapes.

Infra red remote control
An infra red remote controller is supplied with each J-30/SDI. Tapes can be cued and reviewed from the comfort of your armchair.

Choice of vertical or horizontal use
The J-30/SDI can be stood vertically (on its side) on your desk next to your PC keyboard and monitor. A vertical stand is supplied with each player to maximise space during desktop use.

Metadata enabled
The J-30/SDI can read UMID (Unique Material Identifier) data from tape. This data assigns a unique ID to a video clip or sequence, and makes it easier to locate material during production or after archival. MSW-M2000P/1 Series MPEG IMX recorders can generate and store UMID on MPEG IMX tape, and these tapes can be replayed by the J-30/SDI. The UMID can also be output from the J-30/SDI via SDI for content tracking during subsequent processing.

Timecode output
External equipment can be locked to the timecode output of the
J-30/SDI using the BNC connector on the rear panel.